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Clinical Research Trials

The Goals of Clinical Research

Southern Orthopaedic Sports Medicine is a national leader in orthopaedic clinical research. Our commitment to research is strong for the following reasons: The information generated from clinical trials helps us insure that our patients always obtain the best possible care using the latest information. The information generated from clinical trials helps physicians and healthcare providers around the world optimize patient care. Regulatory organizations, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration evaluate information generated from clinical research to make critical decisions about medicine and healthcare choices in the United States. Information generate from clinical research at Southern Orthopaedic Sports Medicine helps us meet the humanitarian need for pain relief and facilitate rehabilitation and return to function.

Why Should You Consider Participating in a Clinical Trial?

You may be eligible for a clinical trial. The most important question is, “should I participate?” Here are some of the potential advantages of participation in a clinical trial: In most circumstances, you are paid for your time and travel. Free medical treatment may be included in the trial. This may include physical evaluation, medication, rehabilitation, and X-rays. You actually contribute to the wealth of scientific information that helps humanity.

Ongoing Clinical Trials

The list of current clinical trials changes frequently. Please call 803-376-8880 if you think you may be eligible or if you would like more information.

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